Hrm. Interesting indeed.

It would appear that Kurt Eichenwald has removed the word ‘Newsweek’ from his Twitter bio.

Assange went on:

Could this be why?

From Paste:

“The lawsuit was settled amicably and to my satisfaction,” Moran told Paste. “After the settlement, the stories were removed, the parties agreed not to speak about the terms of the settlement, so I can’t talk to you about what the settlement entails.”

When asked how it felt to finally be done with the whole affair, Moran would only say he was relieved.

“Our institutions actually do work,” he said, a pensive look creeping over his face. “I was a young journalist with no power, but the facts were on my side, and the system worked. Our institutions are made to last.”

Newsweek’s policy apparently kept them from commenting on this particular story.

Wonder what brought all of this on in the first place with Assange:

Oh … dude.

Yeah, this will end well. *popcorn*

At least it’s not tentacle porn this time, Kurt.


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