While Chuck Schumer seems to be working to pull his party out of the Russian conspiracy business, other Democrats seem more than happy to put on their tinfoil hats and tweet with their heads up their arses.

Sorta like Little Dicky Durbin here:

Wonder if Dicky Durbin remembers when Ted Kennedy was actively and openly asking Russia to help the Democrats win in the 80’s? Or if he remembers how badly they mocked Romney in 2012 when he said Russia was an issue.

And seriously, they are trying to tie Russia in with every and any agenda item they disagree with.

Republicans have been pushing Voter ID for a lot longer than Trump has had a voter fraud commission.

They can’t win without illegal voters; if illegals magically started voting for Republicans you can bet your backside they’d be fighting for ‘voter integrity.’


Democrats can’t seem to accept that people are just tired of them and their policies, so of course it has to be something ELSE.

Good luck with that, Dicky.


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