No no no.

Leave it to Cosmo to find a way to gross all of Twitter (maybe the world) out with one story … 100x hotter than sex. REALLY?!

Oh FFS people.

How absolutely testicleless have some Americans become that listening to an ‘intersectional feminist’ with a bad haircut is not only hotter than sex, but 100 TIMES HOTTER THAN SEX?!

Literally the opposite.

Yup. That’s the exact face we made when we read that.

We concur.

Shhhh … don’t ask.

Ever ever EVER.

This person needs SOMETHING. What that is exactly though, we’re not sure.

HA! Hey, you never know … this is the Left we’re talking about here.

‘Nuff said.

Thanks for the nightmares, Cosmo.


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