One again, feminists remind us all how absolutely sexist they are against women who think differently from them.

Because you know, a Conservative woman in a position of authority is not a step forward for women’s rights. *eye roll* Willing to bet if Sanders stopped shaving her armpits and started advocating abortion for all this same woman would be among the first championing her for reaching a ‘feminist milestone.’

It’s not rhetoric when it’s true.

For Trump being such a huge ‘sexist’ he sure has a lot of empowered women around him.

It’s only hollow according to women like Natalia here because in her mind Sanders is the ‘wrong type of woman’ to succeed.

Which ultimately makes her a sexist.

Conservative women had a thing or two to say on this subject …

Feminists desperately need Trump to oppress women so they can push their silly mantra that suddenly women need to fight for their rights … in America.


OUCH! Spicer parody CRUSHES Dems’ ‘war on women’ narrative with inconvenient stat

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