You can definitely tell this guy worked for Hillary Clinton; he’s ALMOST as ‘eloquent’ as the pantsuited wicked witch of the Left herself. All that’s missing from this tweet is calling all Trump supporters deplorables …

Dude sees a movie and suddenly he’s ‘inspired’ to fight fascism. That’s adorbs.

And please, like Zac or any Democrat has given a damn about patriotism, ever.

Not surprising considering these are people who can’t seem to stop using Harry Potter and Game of Thrones to push their agenda.

Saw this one coming, Zac.

These people still can’t figure out why they lost.

Well duh, it’s a well-known fact that all Republicans hate puppies.

And orphans.

And old people.


Strike first, strike hard, no mercy sir!

These folks aren’t much for history.

Or winning elections.


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