Spicer may have resigned, but his parody @sean_spicier is still going strong.

And of course the news of Spicer’s resignation was like blood in the water because the Leftist sharks were all over the parody’s timeline rejoicing that ‘he’ would no longer be the White House Press Secretary.

Little did they know how much we’d all end up laughing at them:

It’s hilarious. And clearly the Resistance has been sniffing way too much glitter glue.

So not only did the Resistance troll the parody, but then another member of the Resistance popped up and trolled him trolling her back.

The stupid burns AND cracks us all up at the same time.

Doesn’t appear to be, the Left is still obsessed with Spicer.

If only he’d blown them a kiss like Scaramucci.

Gonna share?

Leftists. Psh.

What? Pretty sure Spicier’s bio communicates that he is NOT Spicer but hey Donna, you be you.


She should have been reading this timeline all along.

This tweet would be the opposite of active, fact or finder.

Don’t forget the Xanax.


OUCH! Spicer parody CRUSHES Dems’ ‘war on women’ narrative with inconvenient stat