Apparently having health insurance will save your life.

Who knew? Clearly Chelsea Clinton THOUGHT she knew.

Except that’s not exactly true, unless you’re pushing the Obamacare narrative and carrying the progressive water that says government should magically provide health insurance to everyone.

Democrats continue to confuse health insurance with health care, which makes the Obamacare argument so damn annoying. Ok that’s not entirely true, the idea of Obamacare is annoying all on its own, but the notion that having insurance means you automatically get care is pretty stupid too.

Oh yeah, that’s how it works.

Or doesn’t work these days.

Medicaid actually is government-run health insurance, sorta like the VA. And both programs are a disaster, ask anyone who depends on either one.


Guess we missed all of those people croaking in the streets before they passed Obamacare, eh Chelsea?


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