One of the biggest criticisms of modern-day feminism is the underlying theme of the movement that says men are bad. Sure, plenty of third-wave feminists will deny this or deflect to the patriarchy but ultimately what it boils down to is hating men.

And Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca’s tweet admits it:

Gosh Lauren, thanks for proving our point.

Even her allies (many of them men) were understandably distraught:

Dude, you’re a male as well – she hates you.

Calm down, dude, she’s only hating on your entire sex.

Oof. Hope she felt that one.

Kind of broad? It’s incredibly broad … and while it’s nice to see some push back from men it’s very telling to watch her blow them off as if they don’t matter.

And their willingness to allow her to verbally abuse them because of their ‘internalized sexism’?

Again, more proof that third wave feminism is awful.



Yup. But her tweet means she’s WOKE or something.

Oh well, SJWs gonna SJW.


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