As Twitchy readers know, Sean Spicer resigned as White House Press Secretary earlier today. And full disclosure, after sharing that breaking news, this editor’s first thoughts were NOT about who would replace Spicer, or what Trump’s reaction would be … but about what would happen to the Sean Spicer parody account, @sean_spicier.

In fact this editor stalked his timeline like a groupie until he responded.

Which he did … you knew this was going to be good.

Seems a lot of people felt the same way as this editor.

When you’re sadder about Sean Spicer’s parody maybe leaving than Sean Spicer himself actually resigning …

Here are some of his latest catches just because it might be some time before we get to write about a parody of this type making such epic fools of so many:

We did. A lot.

Time to break out the puppets and crayons.


DUDE THIS STINKS. Let’s all hope Spicier finds a new way to continue to entertain and lighten up politics because we need him/her or it more now than ever.

If only.

Thanks for the laughs, Spicier.


Spicer will be around until the end of August, let’s hope that means the parody will do the same.


BREAKING: Sean Spicer has resigned as White House Press Secretary

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