Look at that, Rob Schneider bought Ann Coulter a whole plane.

Talk about a giver.

Unless you live under a rock (and hey, if that’s where you choose to live, not judging) then you know that Ann Coulter got a little upset when Delta gave away her pre-selected seat. Now, any normal person would be angry, even distraught, in the same situation … but many people felt like Ann took it a little too far.

Photographing the woman who got her seat and posting it all over social media? Eh.

So Rob got her, her own plane.

Right? And it just cost him $30.

This is a fair point; when we spend every day outraged to the highest level of outrage we start losing grasp of what is worth being outraged about. Was it wrong what happened, yes. Should it have made national news?

Probably not.

She may indeed.

Welcome to 2017.


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