Wow, this is just embarrassing NYT:

It’s sorta like the NYT is trying to troll Trump for being stupid and showing themselves to be the real stupid ones in the process. For example, have you ever debated someone on Twitter who said, “Your stupid”? Yeah, that’s what the NYT just did here.

Helpful hint: if you are going to imply someone is stupid, don’t be stupid when you do it.

We get it, the writer wants us to think he’s smart.

Dude probably has a ‘Word of the Day Calendar’ on his desk. *eye roll*

Yeah, what he said.

Guess we could say the column, ‘blows’ …

We’ll be here all week folks, tip your waitress.

Maybe he’s paid per adjective?

Odds are if someone uses a bunch of big, pretty words they’re hiding the notion that they really have nothing worth saying in the first place. Heck, look at us on Twitchy … we KEEP IT REAL.



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