SWEET schadenfreude! Kid Rock releases KICKASS statement about working hard, Lefties FUME

Posted at 3:01 pm on July 17, 2017 by Sam Janney

Wanna watch a bunch of progressive snobs totally freak out? Put this statement about working hard and paying taxes in front of them … then sit back and watch the implosion.

Kid Rock could be legit, folks.

Yeah we know, everyone is making jokes about another celebrity running but in Kid Rock’s defense, the guy has been politically involved and motivated for over a decade.

And seriously, do you see anything wrong with what he said here?

Not to mention he knows how to trigger the Hillary cult – heck, that alone should get him elected.

See what we mean? Yeah, this chick has ‘coexist’ as her banner photo … hilarious.

Hard work confuses progressives, we get it.

Honestly though, the majority of people responding to Kid Rock was very positive …

Have fun with that, Democrats.


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