This was almost too easy. Almost.

Forget how freaked and totally out of their minds these progressive daffodils already are by the idea of celebrating products made in America, but add in a little snark and Sean Spicer parody (@sean_spicier) and WATCH OUT …

You know, Ivanka is even a Democrat and these yahoos still go after her.

ROFL. When you’re getting trolled by BlackFridayDeals? Dude, we have seen people destroyed over tvs.

They never learn.


And put on a shirt, will ya’?


Glitter glue and patchouli have gone through the ROOF!

We’ve been saying it for months folks, always look for the blue check.

Kerry said air conditioning was the greatest evil in the world – c’mon, they’re just doing their part.


SWEET schadenfreude! Kid Rock releases KICKASS statement about working hard, Lefties FUME

CNN has a moral compass? Since WHEN?! Eric Trump LEVELS Jim Acosta in just 1 tweet