You know that moment when you just can’t even anymore? Yup, we’ve reached that when it comes to Matthew Dowd’s Twitter feed … there may not be a more sanctimonious tweep in the Twittersphere these days.

Take this one for example:

Huh? Atheists don’t believe in God so it’s impossible for them to be Christians.


They can be very loving, and accepting, and gracious, and kind … and all of those things are often found in Christians, HOWEVER there is one major thing missing.

A belief in Christ.

Christian facepalm.

It’s important to remember that progressives only seem to care about what Jesus would do when they can use it against the Right. Otherwise it’s all ‘SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!!!!’

Like Instapundit said, that’s now how this works.

That’s not how ANY of this works.