Maybe Jim Acosta should just stop when he’s ahead … not that he’s ever really been ahead but still.

On Sunday, Jim sent out this sanctimonious, smug tweet about how people calling the media ‘fake news’ is somehow bad for our democracy. First and foremost, we’re not a democracy and second, why would we ever listen to CNN lecture US on what is bad for this country?

Eric Trump seemed to see the same hypocrisy that we did:

Oh yeah, that whole Donna Brazile thing hasn’t aged well.

They’ve been bashing the Right for way more than just the last 1 1/2 years. Acosta seems to have a super short memory, like most others in the Leftist media.

Fair point. They may indeed have a so-called ‘moral compass,’ it just so happens to point Left all of the time.

Not anymore.


‘B*tch PLEASE’: Jim Acosta gets REKT for claim that calling news fake is ‘bad for our democracy’