Stop the presses, Donald Trump told a woman she was in good shape and beautiful.


It’s hard to take the Left seriously on well, anything these days, but this behavior around Trump telling Brigette Macron that she was in good shape has become a whole new level of stupid.

Including this smug crap from Reebok:

*eye roll*

Surely Reebok themselves would never EVER objectify a woman or use sex to sell their sneakers, right?

Oof. Little Jimmy Norton aka Chip Chipperson just called down the thunder on Reebok.

Seriously, we felt that one WAY over here.

Virtuous message … ha!

Hollywood, brands, authors … suddenly they all think they’re experts on politics, and really all we want them to do is shut up and stick to what they know.


Wow, that’s a lot of red.

And it just got worse from there … way to go, Reebok.

Nike says thanks!


What’s black, white and DERP all over? Michael Ian Black’s tweets on the Constitution … YIKES

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