PETA strikes again, because well … they’re PETA.

Although there are plenty of people out there who think their name should actually be PITA, but we digress.

From RedState:

If you haven’t yet realized that the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are fringe lunatics that care less about animals than they do about their own absurdist publicity stunts, this should convince you. PETA is suing David Slater, the photographer responsible for the viral “monkey selfie” photo that swept the internet a few years ago.

They’re suing him for copyright infringement on behalf of the monkey. Their stupid stunt has left the photographer broke because of the legal fees.

Suing a photographer on behalf of a monkey.


Did Ted Cruz really just troll PETA? HA!!!

And as usual, SJWs have no sense of humor.

This gal was special, she deleted her tweet … guess she figured out that fetuses are people?


Nag nag nag.


Ted Cruz slamming stupid people Twitter is our favorite Twitter.


*POPCORN* Maxine Waters trolls Sean Spicer, ends up trolled HARD by his parody (hilarity ensues)

Still MORE believable than CNN: The Onion KILLS IT globally with this headline