Charlie’s life IS worth fighting for and luckily the courts in the U.K. have given Gard’s parents an extension to prove the treatment is worth it for their son. Although to be honest, we’re still totally freaked out that any count in the world could determine that someone’s life isn’t worth saving.

Senator Ted Cruz agrees:

Plenty of Lefties screeched at the good senator about his support for Charlie because apparently having access to life-saving measures without any court or govt saying no is a bad thing.

Sort of like watching a chubby kid cry that starving kids get free ice cream.

What a bizarre form of healthcare ‘single payer’ is, where parents have to appear in front of a judge to convince them your child shouldn’t be put to death.

And the Left wonders why we fight against this SO HARD here in America.

Yes, we are are also looking to the GOP to push through a full repeal of Obamacare; Charlie’s story reminds us all more than ever why it must be repealed and not replaced.



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