You know that face you make when you read or hear something that is so full of it that you squint your eyes, scrunch up your nose and tilt your head to the side? That’s the face we made when reading Tamika D. Mallory’s claims about the Women’s March, and her subsequent attacks on Dana Loesch.

This one in particular was exceptionally BS-filled:

Organizing from a place of love. Right.

Hey, how’d you know what we did when we read this one?

Dana also took issue with Tamika’s claim:

Not to mention one of their ‘leaders’ just called for a jihad on the president.

This may ACTUALLY be the slogan on some of their posters.

But only on women they disagree with … and all men who refuse to wear vagina hats.

Of course, the need to create a villain so they don’t look quite as awful as they really are.

Classic progressives.

Boom central.

Stick THAT in your vagina hat and smoke it …

Wait, that didn’t sound good.

Shameful indeed.