Poor Linda Sarsour.

Seems she feels like the victim since many Americans weren’t exactly thrilled with her calling for a jihad against the president and telling other Muslims not to assimilate. Gosh, wonder why?

In response to the backlash, Sarsour went into overdrive making excuses for her hateful rhetoric:

Yes, her work IS crystal clear – she wants Sharia in America and if any other women disagree with her she wants their vaginas taken away. She has SAID as much.

But totally non-violent, right?


C’mon, Jenna said please.

Something like that.

Bingo. Sarsour allows bleeding hearts to pat themselves on the backs for being totally tolerant of an intolerant faith and feel super progressive for doing so.


PS: Even though Jenna did say please, Sarsour didn’t bother to respond – wonder if her being Jewish had anything to do with it?


WHOA: 2013 tweet from Linda Sarsour on ‘the right context of jihad’ has NOT aged well