Chelsea Clinton is clearly her mother’s daughter, poor girl. Just get her a couple of ugly pantsuits and a secret server to hide in her bathroom and she’s all set …

For the past three days, the media has been harping on Trump for allowing Ivanka to sit in for him during a women’s entrepreneurship forum when he had to leave for a brief moment for a couple of meetings. And gosh, Ivanka might even know more than her dad about being a woman entrepreneur, right?

But still, she’s a Trump so the media was super pissy, hence Trump’s tweets this morning:

He went on …

While the tweet is a little rough (standard Trump), he’s not wrong. If Hillary had been elected and asked Chelsea to sit in the media would be insisting it was TOTALLY GIRL POWER and that we should MAKE WAY FOR PRESIDENT CHELSEA.

He’s spot on.

Which is probably why Chelsea got all fussy with him:

And she wonders why her mom lost?

Oh yeah, the reality of the Clintons … ouch.


No matter how much the Left fawns over Hillary’s daughter (trust us, they do and it’s really pathetic) there is always the voice of reality responding to her tweets from Conservatives who understand that no matter what Trump does badly, Hillary would have been worse.

Maybe that’s why Chelsea is so testy.


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