CNN keeps using that word … journalism. We’re not entirely sure they know what it means.

Ugh. What a video. Someone get Brian a tissue, would ya’?

This editor may have rolled her eyes back in her head SO HARD they momentarily fell out and had to be placed back into her skull. The most annoying part of all of this ‘poor me’ from the media is that THEY did this to themselves.

Yup, that tidbit. CNN conveniently keeps leaving out their attempt at bullying a private citizen last week over a meme.

But tell us more about the poor, mistreated media.

You hear that? That’s the sound of the tiniest violin in the world playing for poor Brian.


I wonder if he was this upset when Harry Reid called Republicans terrorists? Guessing not.


Umm …


CNN must have a ton of shovels because they just keep digging this hole deeper and deeper.


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