Wait, what now?

Huh? Intersex?

Anyone else feel like the old man on his front porch trying to figure out what these daggum whipper-snappers are talking about these days? Honestly, we just don’t get it.

Not really, no.

Hair color doesn’t determine someone’s sex.

You are not a large chunk of the population and no one can even begin to understand what all of these sexual categories mean.




Male and female is indeed inherent in nature, and in language, and IN REALITY.

If Riley or any other person feels the need to determine their own sexuality more power to them, but they need to stop insisting the rest of us are phobic if we disagree.

Nope. Clearly the rest of us are the problem.

Welcome to 2017.

The Left loves to pretend they are the party of science … we’re starting to think they’re just the party of science fiction.


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