The Left is working overtime to pretend Conservatives just misunderstood what Linda Sarsour meant when she called for a jihad against Trump. Meanwhile Conservatives know exactly what she was calling for, which is why they’ve been in an uproar … and seeing this tweet from 2013 it would seem they are justified in said uproar:

Gosh, like so many other tweets found on her timeline, this one didn’t age well.

Republicans used the word jihad and they used it in the ‘right context’? Hrm. Oh and the tidbit about a Muslim using it?

Goes to show Linda knew EXACTLY what she was saying when she called for a jihad, and it wasn’t about some “religious struggle”. But go ahead Lefties, keep telling us how we just don’t get it.


HA! Conservatives jihad all over WaPo for claiming jihad isn’t a dirty word