When will NARAL learn that promoting abortion is not the best way to talk about saving lives? No, we’re not making this up – somehow if we defund Planned Parenthood (you know, where they kill hundreds of thousands of unborn babies every year) we’re somehow taking lives. Huh.

If you’re a woman and you’re tired of NARAL and Planned Parenthood exploiting you for their agenda, raise your hand …

On that note, NARAL’s attempt at knocking pro-life on the #WhatsProLifeAbout tag didn’t work out so hot for them:

Women DO deserve better.

Umm …

We kinda sorta adore Heather, just sayin’.

Women have the unique ability to create life. Sad others want to pretend this is somehow a bad thing.

But apparently anyone who is pro-life is somehow murdering people for wanting Planned Parenthood defunded?

We don’t get it either.

But oppression or something.

Seems lots and lots of women disagree with NARAL.

How embarrassing for them.


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