We’ve heard nothing but how important diversity is from the Left for years and years … did we listen to them too much and now diversity is a bad thing? Do we have too much diversity? The wrong type of diversity?

Because we gotta be honest, identity politics confuses the snot out of us.

They’re “tired of brown men falling in love with white women” …

Seriously with this, Jezebel? But sure, tell us more about how racist Donald Trump is.

Well they were the original party of the KKK.

When you’re so progressive you go too far and become regressive … welcome to the Left of 2017.

Nary a peep from the Left, nope.

Or any day that ends in ‘Y’.

Seems Jezebel has conveniently forgotten a few of their own tweets:

Silly, silly, silly SJWs.


2 peas in an SJW pod! Sally Kohn stands with Linda Sarsour, proves she’s CLUELESS about Jihad