Wow CNN, we felt this one WAY over here:

Not only did Rob slam them for being fake, biased and a blackmailer, he used their own threat against them … ‘reserve the right to watch your network again should any of that change.’

Worthy of a boom or two.

Have to give props to Hollywood types who are brave enough to step outside the progressive bubble and call out their BS. Rob is one of our favorites and has been consistent … check this out:

Absolutely valid. MSM writes for clicks and taps, not necessarily to inform, and Rob didn’t fall for the ‘gotcha’ here and gave an unbiased response about Fox.

That being said though, Fox News is not the issue. Fox didn’t make CNN get their panties in a wad and go after some guy for making a silly meme; all things considered, CNN did this to themselves.

‘Nuff said.


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