Anyone all that surprised that Chris Cuomo is defending Linda Sarsour after she called for a Jihad on Trump? He went as far as to pretend Jihad doesn’t mean what we think it means … and totally ignored that whole ‘Holy War’ aspect of the word.

He also completely ignored what else Sarsour said about not assimilating.



Yes. Yes what she said IS a problem, Chris. This isn’t rocket science and she KNOWS that people in America are going to have one thought when she mentions Jihad, and that ain’t a ‘holy struggle.’

And he knows it.

But evil Christians or something.

Of course he does, but he’s on CNN and this is what they do these days – target innocents over memes and defend would-be terrorists …



Anyone else think Chris was just trolling at this point?

Maybe so? At this point he was just being disingenuous.

Painfully so.


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