The Left went into its usual hysterics yesterday after President Trump spoke in Poland and didn’t apologize for America being the exceptional country that it is. We know, they got used to Obama running around the world telling everyone that every ill was America’s fault, but that nonsense is over.

Take poor Peter here, he is clearly distraught over Trump talking about ‘the West’:

Talk about eye-roll city … the West is a racial and religious term? Huh?

Thank goodness for Charles C.W. Cooke and this stellar takedown of Beinart’s ridiculous narrative:

Loving America is totally racist … or something. And praising the West is clearly a big no no.

You don’t see a lot of people risking their lives to sneak into Iraq, just sayin’.

Shhh … values are oppressive.

Facts matter? Get outta here.

No no, WE haven’t lost our minds … not yet.

Liberals lost their minds years ago.

None whatsoever.


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