Because OF COURSE she does:

It’s sorta weird, don’cha think, watching any progressive pretend they know facts, understand truth or recognize justice. Especially when ‘defending’ ridiculous Linda Sarsour all but declaring a Jihad on the president of the United States.

Imagine the freak-out if someone on the Right had declared a Holy War on Obama? They’d be in jail.

So Sally stands with a woman who wanted to take the vaginas of women she disagreed with away.

Sounds legit.

Interestingly enough they keep leaving out the part where Sarsour also told people not to assimilate; and yes, keep propping her up, it is costing the Left elections all over the place.

We keep waiting for Sally and the rest of the LGBTQ community to figure out Islam is not their friend. There are Muslims boycotting Starbucks in the Middle East because the founder supports gay marriage … but you be you, Sally.

Ain’t they?!

Once an SJW always an SJW.


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