Even Patricia Heaton (the awesome mom from The Middle!) saw CNN’s actions for what they were, that of a bully trying to silence someone for saying something they didn’t like.

We still don’t know the age of the person CNN went after (although we do know they had the wrong guy), but Heaton’s point is still valid. How can a media outlet that goes after any one person have any credibility left at all?

Kirsten Powers seems to disagree.

Huh? So is Kirsten saying we should be happy that someone we disagree with is being threatened by the media? Why wouldn’t we rally around anyone who has been attacked?

Don’t think she understands how this whole being an American thing works.


And what a slippery slope; who decides what is racist, or misogynistic, or homophobic? Someone in the media decides that you’re a racist so it’s ok to attack and threaten you?



Who died and made the media, God?

Actually yes, they do. Especially in a world where things you say in social media can get you fired.

She doesn’t get it.


She’d be melting down crying for their freedom of speech and shaking her fist at Fox News.


PRIVILEGED much? Conservatives OWN David Frum for shaming people’s anonymity online