Seems that Tomi Lahren and Chelsea Handler, for whatever reason, have decided to debate one another politically.

Don’t ask us why, we just work here.

And on that note, Twitter seems LESS than impressed with this so-called debate as evident on the #TomiChelseaDebateQuestions tag:

Gold star for a Python reference.

Velcro, baby.

Ok, the editor of this piece laughed harder at this than she should have.

Hrm. This question should come with a hint … something like, it’s wet?

Whoa, now this got totally complicated.

Blue? No white? Gray?

We were told there would be no math.

Mind. Blown.


A bunny, duh.

That mean ol’ Road Runner with his Road Runner privilege!

Grape, duh.


Sorry, we’d tell you but then we’d have to kill you.

Tough one!

Guessing lots and lots.

Wait, you don’t think they’re natural blondes?

Millennials. *shakes head*

‘Nuff said.


YAAAS! Hands DOWN, this is the BEST Trump vs CNN gif out there (bonus Hillary Clinton SLAM)