Poor media.

Sad media.


It really seems to be raining crap all over them this week, more so than usual even. Between CNN’s EMBARRASSING mistake in threatening to doxx the wrong person over a meme, to the rest of the media circling their pathetic wagons to protect them, they’ve really become their own worst enemy. Which has been totally popcorn-worthy …

Seems they can’t help themselves:


Yikes WaPo dude, we felt that WAY over here!

And absolutely spot freakin’ on. Obama didn’t have press conferences, he had shows and his fans (aka the media) showed up hoping they could kiss his ring.

This whole actually having to report the news thing seems far too complicated for most of them.

Oh, and speaking of real news they might want to cover:

Just sayin’.


PRIVILEGED much? Conservatives OWN David Frum for shaming people’s anonymity online

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