Hollywood elites should probably stop putting Trump polls together on Twitter, they never work out the way they want them to. Remember when George Takei put up a Trump poll and was so pissy about the results that he deleted it?

Good times.

Hey, at least Ricky Gervais left his up … so far:

We’re guessing Ricky was hoping for ‘Impeachment’ to be the winner but nope:

Check out the number of votes as well … 114k. And Trump serving two terms WON.

Oh Hollywood, you cheeky monkeys.

About that …


We should also note, many Democrats on Ricky’s thread talked about the “something else” selection as Trump being assassinated which is honestly very creepy and indicative of the violence on the Left.

Luckily Trump supporters were also front and center:

And clearly so are hundreds of thousands of others, on this poll alone.

Poor Ricky.


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