Chris Christie hasn’t trended this much since he sold his political soul and became Trump’s personal french-fry boy … which doesn’t say much for the New Jersey Governor. He’s gone from being a powerhouse for the GOP to being a guy covered in cheeseburgers on a beach.

Oh sad yet HILARIOUS 2017.

There are dozens and dozens of Beach Christie Photoshops on Twitter, we pulled just a handful of our favorites:

So many cheeseburger, so little time.


Nerd humor … heh.


Please notice we refrained from making any jokes about whales on the beach … see, we’ve matured.

Two rules in life: keep your sense of humor and stay outta jail.

More true than funny.

His feet are getting wet!

The look on Trump’s face actually makes this one hilarious.

Life IS like a box of chocolates.

Whoops indeed.

Thanks for the laughs, Chris Christie.


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