Jenna Jameson doesn’t exactly have a ton of sympathy for Mika in the ongoing ‘Trump vs Morning Joe’ Twitter saga. And whether or not you agree with Trump, or Jenna, one should be able to disagree with her without attacking her person.

Otherwise they’re no better than Trump.

Check out all of these Lefty MEN who went after Jenna and tried shaming her for being in the porn industry …

Tell us more about how Trump is a sexist, Doug.

Really dude?

And they wonder why they make us CRAZY?!

BOOM. Tell ’em, Jenna.

Hard to take Lefty men seriously when they thump their chests and claim to support women’s equality and then treat women they disagree with like THIS. Working overtime to shame a successful woman because of her trade?


Umm …

See, Trump is a mean ol’ sexist and stuff!

Wait, what?

Look, another Lefty man trashing Jenna.

Sit down.


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