As Twitchy readers know, earlier this week Cosmo released on article on the various women who could run for president, and that their list only included women of a certain political persuasion.

Guess which one.

Of course no one is all that surprised that Cosmo isn’t interested in promoting women like Nikki Haley, but to see it in black and white?


Man, Ted Cruz could tweet that the sky is blue and Lefty SJWs would come screaming out of the woodwork to condemn him … which is what makes his Twitter feed so much fun.

For example:

Why not? There is no guarantee of a second term and if a Conservative woman was a better choice?

Your sexism is showing.

Read what he tweeted.

What he’s saying is that Cosmo ignored Conservative women, and it wasn’t because it was the 2020 election they were talking about, it was because they truly dislike women who think differently from them.


These people.

Ugh, clip your string chatty Kathy, we’ve heard the Fox News blathering for over a decade now.

Not a terrible idea.

No guarantee of anything – what’s unfair is this person would make an excuse for Cosmo to deliberately leave out an entire group of women.


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