CNN is having a ROUGH week, thanks to James O’Keefe. The latest of his Project Veritas videos dropped early this morning and focuses on Jimmy Carr, an associate producer for CNN’s popular show, ‘New Day‘.


Honestly this editor was more taken aback by Carr’s attitude toward American voters than the way he spoke about Trump; we’ve known they hate the president from even before the man was even elected.

And to O’Keefe’s point, this may well Carr’s personal opinion only (although he sure comes off as a cocky know-it-all on video).

At this point is any of this all that shocking? We’ve known all along about the media’s disdain for ‘everyday people.’

They’ll ignore the way Kellyanne Conway is talked about because for whatever reason in THEIR eyes Republican or Conservative women deserve this sort of treatment.

Anyone else exhausted by 2017 yet?