Brit Hume didn’t hold back on what he deemed a ‘chickensh*t story’ about Trump saying a reporter had a nice smile written by our ‘friends’ at The New York Times.

Apparently complementing a member of the opposite sex is now sexism … or something.

We don’t get it either.

Via The New York Times:

The exchange, which was captured on video and widely shared on social media, drew criticism about how Mr. Trump treats women and the message it sent about the attitude toward women as professionals in their fields.

Elisa Lees Muñoz, executive director of the International Women’s Media Foundation, said on Wednesday that she had heard about the episode in passing.

After a transcript of the exchange was read to her over the phone, she said: “Oh, Lord. I wish I could say this is a surprise.”

If the editor of this piece rolled her eyes any further in the back of her head they’d pop right outta their sockets.


Oh, and John Harwood doesn’t understand why Brit took issue with the ‘chickensh*t story’.



Did we say boom yet because we’re pretty sure we should say BOOM again after reading this tweet.


Lefty male journos are so damn sensitive:

Remember that eye roll thing that happened earlier in the article? Just did it again.


Don’t most people look prettier when they smile?

Besides, being pretty isn’t just for females … have you guys seen Beckham? Dude is SO pretty.

But sexism or something!

PS: We deliberately used a photo of Brit smiling to accompany this story.


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