One of our editors asked Twitter what some of their favorite things are for Twitchy to cover, and it was no surprise when many answered with stories about the Sean Spicer parody account, @sean_spicier.

Which made us so happy because we LOVE writing about the parody account who is winning hearts and confusing the shiznit out of and enraging the Left.

Like this tweet about a bobble head …

OMG! Ok, so did she think this was really Sean Spicer talking about her bobble head or did she think she was being funny?

We’re going to bet it was both.

Acosta stole it … from all the way in the back of the room?


Tough talk from the Resistance; watch out, he might throw glitter at you.


Was that a ‘your mom’ joke? Maybe?

It’s hard to tell with these folks.

Fax … FAX.


Sounds good! Chris sure told him!


We have it on good authority that bunnies are traditionally super cute and very conservative … just sayin’.

He did.

Yeah, they have brains of their own, you know.

They’re just really tiny and filled with cotton candy.

Because Iran wants Americans to die die die?

Just spitballin’.

Oh oh, and we loved his Acosta slam:

Not necessarily funny ha ha, but funny sad.

And Acosta wonders why we take a parody account more seriously than him.


Does PETA know about this?!

Yeah, he doesn’t have a gardener, just a friend who’s a gardner.


Sheesh, these people have no sense of humor.


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