Wanna watch a bunch of self-entitled, whiny, victims (aka SJWs) lose their damn minds on Twitter? Push a joke tag like #HeterosexualPrideDay, and then sit back, eat popcorn and LAUGH your arse off.

Because none of these people have a sense of humor and spend every hour of every day looking at some new way to feel oppressed? Maybe? Just a guess.

She mad.

It’s adorbs!

And seriously, check out some of these SAD tweets:



Quick, someone grab him the tiniest violin, ever.

These people really think like this.

Way to go, public ed.

People don’t hate you for being gay – they might get sick of you pretending they hate you for being gay though.

Totally different.

Oh good grief.

It’s. A. Joke.

But honestly, we sorta dug this tweet:



‘Just the FAX ma’am.’ Sean Spicer parody has ‘MAYDAY’ with Lefties (bonus blue check and Acosta!)