Chuck Todd is worried for THE CHILDREN! *eye roll*

Anyone with a child under 18 doesn’t need Chuck Todd or any other member of the media worrying for them or their kiddo.

What a bunch of horse crap.

Maybe Chuck missed the last eight years or so, but there were plenty of embarrassing things Obama did with no consequences that actually AFFECTED children under 18. But sure, tweets are way more worrisome.

Yup. This will be their narrative for the next few days, the president’s behavior on TWITTER.

We’d be embarrassed for them if they weren’t so damn annoying.

Wait, you mean people still parent? GET OUTTA HERE.

The press has yet to really face any consequences for their actions, but go ahead, tell us more about evil Trump.



Yeah, remember that one Democrat who actually did horrible things in the Oval Office. What was his name again?

‘Nuff said.

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