Full disclosure, we have been watching Rosie’s timeline like a HAWK all day waiting for her to react after James O’Keefe dropped a video basically proving the Russia story (the one she’s been pushing) was all for ratings.

Interestingly enough, it took a tweet from Donald Trump to finally TRIGGER her into ranting:

Freak out from Hollywood elite in 3 … 2 … 1

Huh? Maybe someone should send her the video? Or maybe she saw it and is deflecting?

Or maybe she’s just nutty.


Rosie didn’t exactly respond to this very well:

Ugh. Not a good visual.

Oh look, another blue check trashing Christians while a Hollywood elite spews obscenities.

How very typical.

Then Rosie doubled down:


Her whole timeline is a mishmash of shouty tweets and paranoid conspiracy … even more so than usual today.

Nothing convinces people to listen to your views like calling them an idiot.

Keep it up, Rosie.


NAILED IT! Ted Cruz tweets just ONE word after viewing the O’Keefe undercover video of CNN

HAHAHA! CNN PR brags about ratings while fact-checking Trump. Is this *really* the best day for that?