We know, Chelsea.

You’re used to how Democrats write legislation and pander to people based on a label – but the GOP doesn’t typically do that.

THE HORROR. They didn’t single out women and treat them as a special class?!?!

How dare they treat men and women as equals in a piece of legislation that affects all of us! Dude, we are TOTES outraged.

Or not.

Psh. Sexist.

If women (including Chelsea) want to be treated as equals then they need to stop clutching their pearls when they’re not treated as a special class. Equal is equal, special is not.

Why would any woman support being singled out in the law?

Well that’s just silly, there are like 57 genders or something, right?

Are those 57 genders mentioned in this bill?! NO!?

Evil Republicans!

Gender is only fluid when it benefits the Left.

But WOMEN!!! Or is it woman? This gets so confusing …


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