Maybe the Democrats and the media (same thing?) missed it, but Obamacare LITERALLY took insurance from millions of people. They keep screeching that the AHCA will ‘strip insurance from millions’ while totally ignoring the fact that Obamacare did just that.

What makes it even more shameful is that all the legislation would do is stop forcing people to pay for insurance, that’s not STRIPPING it from anyone.

And not being forced to pay for something people can’t afford in the first place IS an improvement.

Wonder if Karen is interested in hearing about the DAMAGE Obamacare did:

Of course those losses don’t matter. The people who lost their insurance plans were clearly privileged and deserved to have their policies yanked from under them, even though they were more than happy to pay for them.

We were all just too stupid to know the plans weren’t good or something.

Democrats can’t accept their policies hurt people.


If they did they would find a way to blame Bush or the Republicans for any issues someone faced on Obamacare.


Obama legacy.

Ever notice how many legal and medical experts we have on Twitter?

Duh. Republicans are ALWAYS at fault.


Wait … WAT?! Sister Helen Prejean exploits commandment to attack GOP health care bill