Mental note, never EVER listen to Bernie Sanders … on anything.

Remember when he was talking about deodorant privilege or some other crazy nonsense? Add this to his crazy:

Here’s the thing – he SAYS ‘guaranteeing health care’ to everyone is a crazy idea. Of course he’s being sarcastic in that he doesn’t actually think it’s crazy, but the rest of us who don’t live in ‘Crazy Land’ know it’s insanity.

Which begs the question, was Peter King dropped on his head?

Umm … we can think of a BUNCH of reasons why we shouldn’t, and ultimately why we CAN’T.

And so could prominent Conservatives on Twitter:

Oh yeah, those things.

Didn’t Obama already do that?


What are these tax rates you speak of?

It’s also common sense.

Of course, it’s far more dramatic to pretend Republicans are dumping poor people off of their health insurance. Admitting they are giving people back the freedom to CHOOSE is a much harder sell for Democrats.



HA! Lefties lost their damn MINDS over Grover Norquist’s tweet about his daughter buying a guitar