It’s a good time politically to be a parody.

As proven by @sean_spicier, who has quickly become one of our favorite (if not our favorite, sorry Chelsea Clinton) account to follow and write about. Every couple of days we check in on his timeline because we KNOW he’ll have found a way to upset hordes and hordes of Lefties and the results are always hilarious.

His timeline didn’t disappoint today:

Yes, we’re all terrified of you big, bad Lefties.


Or if they can just order more of you online.


We especially love it when Spicier catches someone who actually does this stuff for a living … or a blue check.

Like this guy:

Maybe Jason should have read the whole tweet?

Man, Yohanna is an angry dude.



And totally.

Bahahaha! College professors come in third behind blue checks and celebrities.

Yeah, we got nothin’.


‘Named her son Vagina? RACIST!’ Parody women’s news magazine TRIGGERS SJWs far and wide