Maybe Joshua Holland missed it, but it was the FAR LEFT using violence two weeks ago in Alexandria, VA. You know, when a progressive lunatic opened fire on a bunch of Republicans practicing baseball?

But go ahead, tell us how it’s the far right.


We’re not entirely sure Holland knows what that word means.

Oh boy, once he was tagged in dude just went off …

Uh oh, he mad.


And umm … wasn’t it a Democrat who opened fire on a bunch of Republicans playing baseball two weeks ago?

Sorta hard to see someone’s argument if you mute them.

Seems he deleted this one.

He cared enough to freak out over each and every person who came across his timeline for a couple of hours. EL OH EL.

Did he really just play the woman card?

Honestly Holland went into some diatribe on his timeline about how people only believe certain publications and even more tweets insisting he didn’t care what people thought about his crap piece, but there are only so many hours in a day.

Full transparency, this meltdown was all over the board so there may be bits and pieces that aren’t shared in order.

PS: Holland was so not bothered by all of this that he even went to Facebook to complain and insist he wasn’t bothered.



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