But we thought the Left believed illegal immigrants were dreamers?

Seriously. How many people do you know who have dreams of cleaning toilets?

Wow Salon.

Seriously, just wow.

Keep it up, you haven’t QUITE embarrassed yourselves enough just yet.

They just can’t accept they are their own worst enemy. Instead they blame Russia or some other conspiracy because otherwise they would have to admit they did this to themselves.

Pretty sure the editors at Twitchy are Republicans and clean their own toilets … wonder if we all could somehow cash in on this one?


Right, like Mary Beth Williams is some illegal immigrant who cleans toilets for a living.


Yes. She is disgusting.

That seems to be all she thinks immigrants are good for.

No one ever said Democrats were the brightest crayons in the box.

Oh yeah … what happened to Republicans being a bunch of dumb rednecks living in trailers?


But her bubble is what protects her narrative.

We already knew the Left were the real racists, guess we should thank Mary Beth here for admitting it.


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