Poor Linda Sarsour … she’s upset with the GOP health care bill over a word:


Why would a piece of legislation that covers all Americans single out WOMEN? If women are looking to be equal (which Sarsour claims) then they should rejoice in NOT being treated as a special class.

Of course we all know that’s what feminists like Sarsour really want … to be special.

Not to mention her track record advocating for women in general is pretty damn repugnant:

But hey, they get their credit card debt paid off and a bunch of free maternal leave.

They can’t drive a car but hey, it’s the little things.

Because the law doesn’t care if you have a vagina and it shouldn’t.

Awww, her hits just keep on rolling.

Not an unfair point. The women from her own part of the world are desperately in need of someone fighting for THEIR rights, when so many here in the U.S. are sick of her pretending women don’t have equal rights, maybe she should head over to the Middle East.

That would mean though that she’d actually have to do something besides bitch and moan about rights women already have, so pretty sure that won’t be happening.


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